3 days Onsen (Hot springs) lodge based ski touring

A unique way of tasting our mountain culture.

Away from the resort bathing deep in Onsen, staying in local Japanese style ryokan in the middle mountain. The mountains are right behind the lodges.



A secret onsen of the lord:Takeda Shingen.

Takeda Shingen was a feudal lord (Daimyo) in 16th century with exceptional military prestige in the late stage of the Sengoku period.

He faced his lifelong rival Uesugi Kenshin at Kawanagajima 50km south east of Otari over 5 times. There are few Onsens with the old legend where Shingen stopped and spent his temporary respite with his samurai soldiers.




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Rider/Arata Suzumura
Rider/Arata Suzumura


Otari area (15km north of Hakuba) is a local favorite area known for its deep snow (average 3-4m snowpack) and its quite atmosphere away from the hustle of Hakuba resort.

Mostly tree skiing in some of the deepest snowpack area in Japan.
On clear sunny days you can access the alpine with open bowls, but here in Otari you rarely see sunshine in the early season.
Run privately from the second week of Jan to the first week of March.
Big cup of coffee? It's a famous sign of Onsen!
Big cup of coffee? It's a famous sign of Onsen!


Rooms are all Japanese style with futon mattress on Tatami flooring. meals are locally made Japanese style foods. Onsen hot spring is in the lodge.
Price for 2014-15 season
88,000 JPY per person. (Mimimum 2 pople. Maximum 5 people in one group)
What Included in price 
3 days of guiding fee
Accident insurance
Private transfers from/to Hakuba
Two nights of accommodation (based on double occupancy )
Two dinners and two breakfast (Lunches are not included)
*Airport transfers, equipment rentals,lunches and drinks are not included in the price.
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