Statue Photography


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 「私の芸術は嘘の芸術だ。嘘だから本当なのだ」 -戸嶋靖昌

































 ""My art is the art of lies.   It is true because it is a lie."


                     Yasumasa Toshima


Yasumasa Tojima, a Japanese painter whom I respect, left these words and lived a fierce life as an artist.


A bronze statue, no matter how elaborately made, is a fake human being, born from the will of an artist.


And my photograph is a photograph of that fake person, a double fiction.


In front of the statue, I wish to have a dialogue with the great people of the past, but it is not easy to listen to the voices of the people of the past, who are so far removed from the present.


I listen closely and point my lens at them, trying to hear their voices, only to realize that I cannot capture their voices and sounds in a photograph. 


Sometimes, when I think of the imperfection of the art of photography, when I stand in front of a statue, dumbfounded by my helplessness, anxiously clicking the shutter, I feel that the person in the statue has spoken just one word to me.


I want to deliver the souls of the people who once lived on this earth to future generations in the form of photographs. 


For me, a camera is a translator, and developing photographs may be like a Zen question and answer session with the great people of the past.


                                                                                                                             Yuske Hirota